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Boys State is Back - Believe in 75!

The American Legion New Mexico Boys State will be officially called to session for its 75th annual session May 28th, 2023 at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, NM.

Seventy-Five years ago was a busy time for our great State of New Mexico; The American Legion would sponsor the program here, and begin to develop future leaders by providing a venue for New Mexico's young citizens to explore what it means to be engaged in the civic life of our state and country.

Now, after the better part of a century, thousands of young men have their names in the annuls of New Mexico Boys State yearbooks, their Boys State pins and awards, for some collecting dust after decades, for others, freshly earned, and proudly displayed in a their teenage bedroom. No matter the difference in age, culture, or beliefs, all these men are alumnus of the same program.

Now, in 2023 we are opening our doors to a new cohort of young men to enter our family this summer for a week-long program of hands on civics, education, leadership development, and fellowship. As the decades worth of alumnus will tell you - it is an experience you do not want to miss.

Our great land with it's bright mañana is only made brighter by the dedication to giving our youth the resources to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom and democracy.

If you are about to enter your senior year, click to register today! Share the opportunity with your friends, and others around school. After all, three college credits for a week you'll never forget is a pretty fair trade!

For more information about the NM Boys State Program, Contact Us.

For more information about the NM Girls State Program, please visit

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