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NMBS75 - Day 1: Sunday May 28

May 28, 2023

We are thrilled to kick off the exciting journey of The 75th Anniversary Session of The New Mexico Boys State! Day one at Eastern New Mexico University was a whirlwind of activity as 31 enthusiastic delegates arrived and wasted no time in immersing themselves in civics sessions, leadership seminars, and the formation of political parties. It was inspiring to witness the birth of the "Nationalists" and "Federalists" parties, with each group crafting their unique platforms that will guide their campaigns throughout this incredible experience. Adding to the vibrant atmosphere, the boys also organized into their respective cities, "Montezuma" and "Cibola," as they prepared to embark on the exhilarating journey of campaigning for city offices based on their party platforms. The energy and passion displayed by these young leaders are truly remarkable, and we cannot wait to see the incredible ideas and initiatives they will bring forth in the coming days.


The Montezuma city government campaigns began with a strong showing for councilmen candidates; candidates Ryan (F), Estevan (F), Antonio (F), and Kole (N) create an exciting competition, that will be decided on voting day, early Monday morning. Mayoral candidates Noah S. (N) and Carson (F) gave short stump speeches to the city on behalf of their parties today, sharing their visions for what a municipality under their leadership would look like. Aldo (N) and Chris Enrique (F) declared candidacy for the city treasurer, while Eric ran unopposed for city clerk. As well, Cody (N) and Francisco (F) ran for municipal judge.


The Cibola city government campaigns have begun! For mayor, Thomas Aurelio promised to do the ultimate good in service of the city, while Landon Kemp took for a unifying approach in promoting the greatness of Cibola. The two City Council positions were tightly argued by candidates James Engan, Corbin Chance, and Steven Brashear. James Engan had an unusual but effective rhetorical strategy in reciting a poem about his campaign promises. On the other hand, Corbin Chance ignited passion into committing to the City Counsel role with justice. Being more calm, Steven Brashear directly and effectively assessed his goals as councilman, bringing about roaring applause.

As far as the City Clerk role, Nicholas Loehr stood unopposed, leading the beginning of his campaign to be rapidly concluded in a couple of sentences: “I’m just happy to be here.” Kevin Peterson concisely advocated for his election of Treasurer using his natural abilities has his argument. Robert Wick, also running for Treasurer, took a similar route as Peterson, but more so emphasized his advocacy of low taxes. The Municipal Judge position was split between three campaigns, being that of Kade Bennett, Jordan Owaleon, and Lincoln Alcon. Kade Bennett went for a more ethical argument, stating how his past experiences at Lea County Teen Court makes him the most qualified. Jordan Owaleon took a principled stance, stating how he would ensure justice and truth within the court system. Thirdly, Lincoln took a more punishment heavy rhetoric, focusing on the brutality of justice upon criminals.

The session will continue full steam ahead for the remainder of the week, and we hope to continue to share updates with you all here, and on the NM Boys State Instagram at @nmboysstate.

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