Boys State Rules


Boys State General Rules

Citizens of American Legion New Mexico Boys’
State (NMBS) are here primarily to learn how government is conducted
through actual practice. You will, as far as possible, govern
yourself accordingly. All Counselors are here to advise you on any
problems or procedure.

  1. Absence from the
    grounds of the school will be possible only by written
    permission from the Director. Such permission will be granted
    only in case of emergency.
  2. NM Boys’ State
    will be policed by NM Boys’ State system of the city, county and
    state under the direction of the counseling staff; ordinances,
    resolutions and laws passed by the city, county and state will
    be enforced.
  3. All buildings
    and equipment are either the property of NM Boys’ State or
    Eastern New Mexico University, Portales.
    Anyone caught in the act of willful destruction will be reported
    to the Director for further action.
  5. No recreational
    activities will be permitted except during official recreational
    periods. At all other times Citizens will be attending to their
  6. Sick call will
    be observed. Every illness, particularly colds, fevers and
    stomach disorders must be reported immediately. Every accident,
    no matter how slight, particularly cuts, sprains, scratches and
    blisters must be reported to your Counselor at once. Do not wait
    for sick call.
  7. Formations: In
    order to move from place to place quickly and efficiently and in
    an orderly and safe manner, cities will meet at designated
    places and will walk with their cities to their destinations.
  8. Badges and
    T-shirts: Must be worn at all times except at bedtime and
    recreational periods. Pin your badge on the upper left-hand
    corner of the NM Boys’ State emblem on your t-shirt.
  9. Smoking:
    Citizens may smoke only if a parent has signed the attached
    release form. Smoking will be in designated areas only, not in
    buildings, rooms or dormitories.
  10. Exercise: All
    Citizens will participate in brief, relaxed exercise sessions
    each morning.
  11. Punctuality: You
    must be on time for all formations, such as lowering of the
    colors and assemblies and any activities as designated by NM
    Boys’ State staff.
  12. You are
    encouraged to take part in voluntary morning invocations; and
    you will be expected to display proper respect and decorum in
    the presence of the American flag.
  13. Campaign
    materials, pre-printed or otherwise, will not be allowed.
  14. NM Boys’ State
    materials, including t-shirts, will not be defaced in any


  1. I will treat
    Boys’ State staff, citizens, guests, campus personnel, and
    others with respect.
  2. I will not
    discriminate against, harass, or otherwise target any Boys’
    State staff, citizens, guests, or others based on their
    religion, race, color, creed, national origin, or any
    characteristic, physical or otherwise.
  3. I will not
    engage in profanity, vulgarity, or rowdiness; I will not use
    religious, racial, ethnic, or any other disparaging epithets.
  4. I will be
    available for the entire Boys’ State session and will not
    request permission for late arrival or early departure unless an
    emergency arises.
  5. I will not leave
    campus without permission in writing from the Director.
  6. I will protect
    and conserve all Boys’ State or campus property. I will not
    trespass upon grounds, buildings, etc., which are designated as
    off limits.
  7. I will write to
    my family while at Boys’ State.
  8. I will not bring
    firearms, knives, fireworks, water pistols, balloons, or any
    other device which my cause injury or disturbance.
  9. I will not bring
    or use any alcoholic beverages or any drugs that have not been
    prescribed and listed on your medical statement while at Boys’
  10. I will listen to
    all speakers with attention and respect and expect all others to
    do the same while speaking.
  11. I will not
    campaign or prepare any campaign materials prior to my arrival
    on campus.
  12. I will abide by
    lights out times and remain quiet until morning reveille.
  13. I will keep
    myself clean and well-groomed. I will keep all living areas and
    meeting spaces clean, organized and up to the inspection
    standards given by NM Boys’ State staff.
  14. I will accept
    responsibility of payment for destruction of Eastern New Mexico
    University, American Legion New Mexico Boys’ State or other
    property, which I may have caused and/or may be stated orally
    during the session.