Boys State Eligibility


Eligibility and Selection Criteria

The American Legion has established certain qualifications for
prospective Boys State citizens. Recommended guidelines that are
employed by most Boys States are:

  • Only males who have successfully completed their junior year
    of high school and have at least one more semester of high
    school remaining are to be considered.
  • Any boy who has previously attended a Boys State is not
    eligible to attend a second session.
  • Only boys with outstanding qualities of leadership,
    character, scholarship, loyalty, and service to their schools
    should be considered.

In the actual selection process, merit and ability are the two
most important factors considered. No boys are permitted to attend
because of either poverty or wealth. It is not a program for
underprivileged boys nor is it a summer camp for recreation. Fees,
or “tuition”, are paid by American Legion Posts or other
community-minded organizations, with little or no expense to a young
man and his family.

The selection process varies in the state level Departments of
the American Legion, but it is generally conducted with the school
recommending several more boys than a sponsor has quotas for and the
sponsor (either a Legion Post or other organization) then selects
representatives from this list.